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Elite Dangerous – David Braben talks Kickstarter Elite sequel

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Submitted by: Darren Jones

Elite Dangerous – David Braben talks Kickstarter Elite sequel

Elite Dangerous, the long-awaited sequel to seminal 1980’s space-trading sim Elite, has entered into its first phase of launch, via a brand new Kickstarter campaign.

Speaking exclusively to the BBC, Braben explained his reasons for wanting to return to the franchise after the release of Frontier: First Encounters in 1995, and why he is turning to crowd-funding to help develop the sequel.

Elite Dangerous will be heading to PC, although Braben hinted that his studio, Frontier Developments, would consider bringing it to other platforms. Braben also touched on some of the things that technological advances will allow him to bring to the sequel.  

“One of the big things that this game will add is online play. So you can play with your friends online, or on your own, whatever is your choice. But the way that changes the game dynamic is very important and really exciting.”, said Braben.  

At the time of writing, with 59 days left to go, the project has already received close to 3000 backers who have pledged a combined total of £146,840 of the £1,250,000 goal.  

You can watch the BBC interview with David here.