yaroze WHY I LOVE...

Net Yaroze

Nick’s a big fan of Sony’s mid-Nineties attempt to revive bedroom coding. Find out why…
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Pac-Man Is 35!

Namco’s arcade icon celebrates a major milestone with mobile game updates and a party in America.
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navyseals RETRO GAMES

Navy Seals

This platform shooter is one of the few GX4000 diamonds – it looks pretty and it’s incredibly hard.
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Demon Front

They say that if you’re going to clone anything, you should clone something good – and that’s exactly what IGS did with this homage to Metal Slug.
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rescuemission RETRO GAMES

Rescue Mission

This Master System lightgun game bucked convention by going for a top-down perspective. Was the experiment successful?
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Blue’s Journey

At its eye-watering RRP, we can imagine that this colourful platformer left Neo Geo owners feeling a little blue…
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Taito Power Goal

We’re not sure what Eric Cantona’s favourite football game is, but this might just be it…
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Night Trap

Nick talks about how Digital Pictures’ controversial trap-’em-up was groundbreaking, if not always fun…
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Tinkle Pit

Yes, that’s the real name – but don’t pass this game up just because of that…
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wintergames_1 RETRO GAMES

Winter Games

As trees blossom and the weather warms up, Nick looks back to winter for his gaming kicks.
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frequency WHY I LOVE...


You’ve probably played Guitar Hero – here, Nick talks about why he loves the game that kicked it all off…
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enduroracer RETRO GAMES

Enduro Racer

It wasn’t anything like the arcade game, but was Sega’s isometric racer any good?
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cloud_master RETRO GAMES

Cloud Master

Nick reminisces about the weirdness of a markedly Japanese Master System game…
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